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      March 09, 2024

      How to perform maintenance and repair on high temperature carbonization furnace?

      High-temperature carbonization furnace is a common heat treatment equipment and is very important in industrial production. In order to ensure its long-term stable operation, the high-temperature carbonization furnace needs to be repaired and maintained. The following is a detailed introduction on how to repair and maintain high-temperature carbonization furnaces. 1. Daily maintenance 1. Ensure the cleanliness of the high-temperature carbonization furnace and clean it r

      March 09, 2024

      Why is the horizontal high-temperature graphitization furnace an important industrial equipment?

      Horizontal high-temperature graphitization furnace is a horizontal graphitization furnace with industrial production type. It is mainly used for sintering and graphitization of carbon materials, graphitization of PI films, graphitization of thermal conductive materials, sintering of carbon fiber ropes, and sintering of carbon fiber filaments. Sintered graphitization and other materials that can be graphitized in a carbon environment. The horizontal high-temperature graphitization furnace is an important industria

      March 09, 2024

      Yuanhang Industrial Furnace briefly analyzes the five major requirements of vacuum sintering furnaces for you

      In order to ensure the smooth progress of dewaxing (lubricant or forming agent), reduction, sintering, alloying, densification, etc. of the powder formed body during the sintering process, it is necessary to control the sintering temperature, protective atmosphere, billet conveying speed, heating and Adjust and control the cooling speed, etc. Therefore, the vacuum sintering furnace should meet the following five requirements in terms of structure and function: 1. It has a complete dewaxing device or dewaxing belt

      March 09, 2024

      Yuanhang Industrial Furnace High Temperature Graphitization Furnace teaches you how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of graphite!

      1. The flexural strength of the material The flexural strength of a material is a direct reflection of the material's strength and shows the tightness of the material's internal structure. Materials with high strength have relatively good discharge loss resistance. For electrodes with high precision requirements, try to choose materials with better strength. For example: TTK-4 can meet the requirements of general electronic connector molds, but for some electronic connector molds with special precision requiremen

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